MISSION: The mission of the Tourism Committee in Copiah County is to capitalize on and preserve our natural, historical,
VISION: To assist in the development of the county as a tourism destination that will help increase revenues, encourage
local involvement and investment and to continually improve our product to encourage tourists to come to our community.

Goal 1: Develop a strong Tourism Program with clear objectives and a well-defined role for the Tourism Committee to
increase the economic impact of tourism in Copiah County.
  • Objective 1: Hold an Annual Tourism Summit with the members of the Board of Supervisors to develop short and long
    term planning and budget for the tourism program in conjunction with the Tourism Committee, Economic Development
    and the Chambers of Commerce.

Goal 2: Implement an Educational/Communication Program for all stakeholders in
the tourism industry.
  • Objective 1: Increase the capability to properly host visitors in the Community. The Tourism Program will provide
    customer training, local information tours, and hospitality training in order to provide better services and information to

  • Objective 2: Educate the community about the value of tourism in order to increase community receptivity and

  • Objective 3: Provide professional tourism related seminars to broaden the base of tourism providers, private investors
    or expansion of existing business owners.

Goal 3: Develop a marketing plan with the necessary marketing tools to promote the
tourism assets of the county.

  • Objective 1: Provide Visitor Services that will enhance the visitor’s experience to the county, entice them to visit more
    attractions and encourage them to stay overnight and eat meals in the county.

  • Objective 2: Create a marketing committee, within the Tourism Committee, that will develop and implement an
    advertising campaign that would draw international, national and regional visitors
  • Objective 3: Develop and maintain a tourism web site that would increase tourism visitation, provide tourism related
    information and links to tourism businesses.